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8 Signs Someone Might Be Lying

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8 Signs Someone Might Be Lying

Shane Ray Martin
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I remember the first time I suspected someone was lying to me. It was a moment of clarity where I finally understood the signs on how to potentially detect lies. I had been listening to this person's story and something didn't quite add up. As they continued talking, my suspicions grew, and their body language revealed that their story wasn't true.

From that moment on, I learned to pay closer attention to what people were saying and doing around me. I looked for inconsistencies in their stories and words. I studied their body language - facial expressions, gestures, posture - for hints or signs of dishonesty. If something seemed off, I asked more questions until I got to the truth.

My skills at detecting lies have improved over time as I've become more aware of subtle cues in conversation and behavior that can indicate dishonesty. While it still isn't always easy to spot a lie, having the knowledge of how to detect one has certainly helped me navigate tricky conversations with more ease and confidence.

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